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Stephen King Writes 6 Pages A Day. You Probably Should Too.

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In On Writing, King famously stated that he writes 10 pages a day. In a more recent interview with George RR Martin, he amended it to 6 pages.

So…y’all mad about that headline, huh?

It’s okay. I knew you’d be.

And once again I know what you’re thinking because I’m fairly certain I’m distantly related to Ms. Cleo (oh hush)

You, probably: “Six pages a day? Oh, sure easy for you and Stephen King to say. He’s a multi-millionaire and you’re a deadbeat millennial who cashed out your retirement and probably spends all day sipping chai lattes and eating organic avocados. You don’t know my life. I have twelve jobs and thirteen children. I can pound out a paragraph a month. Maybe.


Hear me out fam.

Y’all are absolutely right. About everything. No, seriously.

Maybe you can’t write six pages a day, but I know for a fact that you can write more than you’re currently writing.

Becoming a prolific writer (like King) doesn’t happen by chance and if you remain stuck in the “I can’t/don’t have time” mindset, well then guess what?


Of course, no one is saying that writing 6 pages a day is easy. On the contrary.


It requires uninterrupted focus. It requires tremendous amounts of self-discipline. It’s ridiculously time-consuming.

And it usually sucks. A lot.

But like most things, the more you do it, the less it sucks.

And yes, it’s still going to suck. That’s just the nature of the beast.

Sidenote: I’m a runner. During every single run, the following goes through my mind…“I’m dying. This is stupid and hard. I want to stop now.”

Do I stop?


Why not?

Because at some point I know that my lungs will stop burning and my strides will begin to feel easier and my legs a touch lighter.

That’s how writing is.

So peep a few reasons why you should become as prolific as Stephen King.

Reason #1 You Probably Suck


I mean that in the nicest way possible and I say this as a fellow sucking writer (I wrote what I wrote. Get your mind out the gutter)

As a newb (or a not so newb), there’s a good chance that frankly, you’re not very good.

And that’s okay.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
– Wayne Gretzky

It’s simple really. The more you shoot the ball, the more shots you make.

The more you write, the more likely that not all of it is utter crap.

Reason #2 Beyonce Used To Be In Destiny’s Child


Okay, stay with me here.

Love Success takes time.

There is no such thing as an overnight sensation. I repeat, there is no such thing as an overnight sensation.

People plant seeds for YEARS before anything pops out of the ground. Of course, no one notices you while you’re watering a mound of dirt.

But the moment you show up to the picnic with a basket full of red, delicious apples, everyone’s calling you an overnight sensation…probably. Idk, that wasn’t my strongest analogy.

Okay, let’s try again…

Do you know who this dude is?


Adam flippin Croft.

He’s a self-published indie writer who, at one point, was outselling our lord and savior, JK Rowling.

Was Adam’s first book a runaway, overnight success?


How about his second?


What about – okay, let’s not do this. It was his NINTH book y’all!

This -ish takes time, and writing a couple of books just won’t cut it.

So no complaining when you’re not a multi-millionaire with film options after your second book release (which I most definitely did not do).

Go write the third book. And keep going until you outsell Adam Croft.

You, probably: “Well what about George RR Martin? He got rich because HBO turned his book into a television show. That could happen…right?”

Oh, my sweet, sweet summer child.

I’m just going to drop George RR Martin’s bibliography right about…here. There you go.

Alright, y’all because I’m a super cool chick and love you guys, here’s a little infographic with some tips/tricks/tools to help you become a more prolific writer.



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4 replies on “Stephen King Writes 6 Pages A Day. You Probably Should Too.”

I needed this. I keep trying to get on a schedule. I have three damn jobs and I have to find time to write (so I write at work, on the clock xDD Its sad)

I’m a huge culprit of editing my work while writing ;o; I can’t help it. Maybe I need to try not doing that cause I want to finish a novel so bad but I get so stressed, anxious, don’t know where i’m going with it anymore or I have to come out with some flash fiction, update all my sites, record for YouTube, get through the down, depression phases like damn haha

But, I do realize that only hard work and actually writing will get me somewhere.
I love your post. its the slap in the face I need.

As Jim Butcher said, “Nothing can replace Ass-in-chair time”

Dude, you have THREE jobs and you still manage to write and make YouTube videos?? 👏👏👏👏👏

You’re probably more productive than 90% of the population!

I think the key is finding what works best for you. It’s cliche but so true and the only way to do that is to experiment.

Like right now, I’m currently writing every single day which is something I’ve always assumed I couldn’t do but hey, I’m doing it and it’s not so bad.

Some people write once a week and can pound out 10,000 words at a time.

Some people write 1,000 words every day.

What makes Stephen King so prolific is his CONSISTENCY. If you can nail that, you’ll do great.

Thanks for the awesome comment and good luck!

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