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Becoming an Influencer: A Millennial’s Guide to Becoming Even More of a Millenial


Me after uploading one video to my dusty ass YouTube channel

Well, y’all it’s official.

Ya girl is an Influencer.

You, probably: That’s awesome! Did you get a brand deal?

Me: Well, no…I mean, not yet.

You, probably: Ohhh. You must be getting free merch in exchange for reviews and stuff, right?

Me: Actually, I’m kinda still working on all that.

You, probably:


You, probably: Sigh.

Okay, fine. I may be more of an “influencer-in-training.”

And for those of you over the age of 28 that don’t live and breathe the Internet:


Now you might be thinking 1) That’s not a real job and 2) That’s definitely not a real job.



I think the folks above would beg to differ.

  • The Kardashian/Jenner family net worth: Over a billion dollars
  • PewDiePie’s net worth: 20 million dollars
  • Lilly Singh’s net worth: 16 million dollars
  • Grumpy Cat’s net worth: 700,000 – 1 million dollars.

Hey, I get it.

The idea of being an “Influencer” is a strange new phenomenon that’s easy to dismiss with an eye roll and a pretentious chuckle but a little harder to dismiss when those fat ass checks find their way into your bank account.

And being an Influencer isn’t all about the paycheck either. You never know what opportunity your platform may afford you.

Lilly Singh becoming the FIRST woman late night tv host!!

Imagine showing up to your thirty-year high school reunion all like, “Oh me? Nothing much. I just established a whole ass empire. No biggie.”

Look, I’d love to tell you how to become the next PewDiePie or Lilly Singh, but the truth is, I have no idea.

I’m right in the thick of this journey with you.


I do have google search. And possibly too much time on my hands.

Ahem, may I present to you…




According to, a niche is:

A position or activity that particularly suits somebody’s talents and personality or that somebody can make his or her own.

The first and arguably hardest step of becoming an Influencer is finding an underserved niche that you can excel in.

Isn’t this a cool photo? It kinda, sorta goes with the post…

Look, I’m not saying you can’t be a beauty influencer, but honey, the competition is fierce. It would take a ridiculously long time to get a foothold in the beauty influencer sphere and even longer to succeed.

Again, not impossible but damn difficult.

When it comes to choosing a niche, specificity is your friend, generality your enemy.

You want to cater to a smallish group of people with a specific interest that’s not currently or adequately being met.


You should be passionate about it. Or at the very least not hate it.


I happen to be a gay lady who enjoys television and loves a good web series.

Believe it or not kids, there are over a hundred (if not more) lesbian web series’ floating around the web.

Some of them are fantastic. Some not so much. Some are hilarious. Others take themselves super seriously.

Some have huge budgets. Others are shot on iPhones. Some are trashy and some high brow.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone watched every single lesbian web series out there, then gave a concise, entertaining and spoiler-free review of each one?



And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the niche that I plan to use to catapult myself onto Lilly Singh’s late night talk show.

So how do you find your niche?


You, probably: What??

Me: Just kidding, little buddy.

It’s super easy to find your niche. No, it’s not.

Ask yourself questions.

What bugs you? What do you want to see more of? What do you want to see less of?  What’s something you would do even if no one was paying you? 

Pay attention to your life.

But like, also the Internet. Definitely pay attention to the Internet too.

The thing is, there is no one size fits all solution to finding your niche. Just remember that once you choose a niche, you’re stuck with it until you die.


I said what I said.

STEP #2 JUST DO IT (Please don’t sue me, Nike)


The best time to start a career in Influencing was yesterday.

YOU MUST START. It’s that simple.

Don’t know what you’re doing?

Do it anyway.

Don’t have a fancy camera?

Use your phone.

Think you look funny?

You probably do but there’s a bunch of other funny looking people out there who are super successful doing exactly what you’re trying to do.

Look, your first video/blog post/Instagram photo/FB video/etc is probably going to be terrible. That’s fine.

You wash, rinse, repeat and eventually get better.

After all, didn’t we all start out as Paris Hilton’s assistant?


I think I’ve made my point.


Stop being old.

Influencing is not only a “thing” but an actual viable career option.

So go out there and create some buzz about something.

You, probably: Jesus…

Me: The original Influencer, amiright?

evelyn dar



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Good luck on your latest venture. Don’t know how much mainstream interest there will be in reviews of lesbian themed web series but I’m sure you’ll find a way, with your sense of humor, to make them relevant.

Thanks Anne!
And I agree about there not being much mainstream interest in lesbian web series reviews so I’ll definitely be focusing on the smaller lesbian market.
As always, thanks for your support 🙏

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