It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye…

Hey y’all it’s your girl, Evelyn. I know it’s been a few weeks since my last blog post. The good news is I’m not dead. Although none of y’all hoes even checked on me… But I digress. The bad news is ya girl’s taking some time off from blogging. I’m knee-deep in editing my thirdContinue reading “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye…”


How To Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind

  Alright, so I think we can all agree that working from home is a literal dream come true. And if you happen to be your own boss… Well, you’ve pretty much hit the occupational jackpot. You can get up whenever you feel like it. Set your own work hours. Watch copious amounts of HGTVContinue reading “How To Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind”

Achieving Balance and Why You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

  As I’m sure you can tell by the title, this blog post is all about achieving that ever elusive, and tricky¬†sumbitch we like to call ‘balance.’

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