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Is Writing Enough? Revenue Streams for Self-Published Authors

Everyone wants to make money. I know, I know…you love writing and would do it even if no one paid you and yadda, yadda, yabba dabba do. I get it. BUT You still need to eat. Or feed your seventeen kids, whatever. And that takes money. And how do we (millennials) make money? Advertisements amazonentrepreneurshipfreelancemoneyself-employmentWorkwriter


How to Make $4,000 Self-Publishing a Novel on Amazon

(This post may contain affiliate links. Please read disclosure.) I know what you’re thinking. No, really. You: “Sweet! Another article full of dope ass Amazon self-publishing tips that I can start implementing immediately, thereby netting me┬áthe exact same results as the person who wrote them.” Yeaaaaah, not quite. You see, I’m not bragging about making…