My Phenomenal Woman Is White


The G.O.A.T – Maya Angelou

Hey y’all!

Thought I’d switch things up and share one of my poems.



My phenomenal woman

Is white

This is my struggle

You see, I love my black

My black is perfect
My black is beautiful
My black is lovely

I love my black in ways I can’t fully describe
In ways, I can’t  fully define
It’s just in me

It’s the middle passage and Jay Z
It’s lynching and lace fronts
It’s cotton fields and Countee Cullen
It’s Sasha and Maliya


I breathe in this culture that runs through my veins
Darkens my skin and colors my consciousness

My pride

I recite Ms. Angelou in my sleep
Mr. Baldwin in my wake
Eleven years natural – Second set of locks

HBCU attended, Slim Shady offended
Color Purple reciting, Strange fruit biting
Kool-Aid mixing, Cornbread frying
Tyler Perry quoting, Segregation dying

I LOVE my black



She is the Scarlett to my Mammy
The Barbie to my Aunt Jemima
The blonde to my nappy


Porcelain skin


As the freshly fallen snow

So soft, so pure, so delicate



Make no mistake

She is that “European Standard of Beauty”

Lye burns scalps to

Imitate her

Thick thighs and curvy hips whittle down to

Emulate her

My heart beats fast to

Penetrate her

Obama-loving, red Mustang driving
Star Wars geeking, indie record buying
Horseback riding, liberally-biased
Latte-sipping, American Eagle trying
Colbert reporting, parental defying



In every sense of the word

What would Malcolm say?


Smiles, while running curious fingers through my locs
And cries when “Celie finally leaves Mister”
And when she takes in the expanse of my hips with blue eyes
I can read her mind because desire –
It has no color, it has no censor

She explains to me the ways of the Jedi and
How Han shot first would have to suffice
Because over collard greens and chai lattes she told me how Salvador
Not only changed her views
He saved her life


My Phenomenal Woman

Is White

evelyn dar


So You Want To Be A Writing Superstar?


I know this is a super old meme. Imma use it anyway though.

Lezbehonest folks.

Writing isn’t hard.

No, really.

If you can read, you can write.

And if you write, well then congrats!

You’re a writer.

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How To Write A Binge Worthy Novel



I think we can all agree.

Netflix has completely changed our lives.

Gone are the days of throwing on a ratty pair of sweatpants at 8pm on a Friday night and driving the two blocks to Blockbuster Video to rent Demolition Man.

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