It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye…


Hey y’all it’s your girl, Evelyn.

I know it’s been a few weeks since my last blog post.

The good news is I’m not dead.

Although none of y’all hoes even checked on me…


But I digress.

The bad news is ya girl’s taking some time off from blogging.

I’m knee-deep in editing my third novel and I’d like to have it ready for publication by August.

Unfortunately, that means putting the blog on the back burner for the time being.

Y’all it’s cold out in these self-publishing streets and ya girl gotta eat.

As much as I love the blog, it’s not feeding me right now.

I’ll miss you guys but I promise I’ll be back (if for no other reason than I already paid for a year of web hosting).

Be good while I’m gone. Write. Edit. Hustle. Make Love. And I Hope You Dance. 


evelyn dar