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Why You Should Be A Snowflake…No Really.

Listen up, gang… I’m a snowflake. Or at least I try to be. And you should too. Advertisements beginnersindieself-publishwriterwriting


Stephen King Writes 6 Pages A Day. You Probably Should Too.

(This post may contain affiliate links. Please read disclosure.) Sidenote: In On Writing, King famously stated that he writes 10 pages a day. In a more recent interview with George RR Martin, he amended it to 6 pages. So…y’all mad about that headline, huh? It’s okay. I knew you’d be. And once again I know…

Why You NEED Twitter If You’re A Self-Published Author

DISCLAIMER In the spirit of transparency, and also because it’s easily verifiable, I’d like to disclose that I have around 190 followers on Twitter. Yes, I realize your cat has more followers than I do. Also,┬áthank you for pointing that out. BUT… less than two months ago I had 28 followers. You, probably: “Pshht, big…